realHDaudio-Teensy-Breakout for Teensy 3.6

I already wanted to change the realHDaudio-board (version 1, with an FPGA) to a version which holds a Teensy 3.6. But as the master clock (11,2 MHz) from Teensy 3.6 is not high enough to use my favourite converters above  44,1kHz sample rate, i stopped thinking about that.

After developing the the realHDaudio2.0-board as a universal converter board the idea came up that it is easier to build adapter pcbs to connect it to other System which can process digital audio.

So here comes an adaptor pcb layout which holds a Teensy 3.6, an expansions slot known from the freeDSP SMD B and a power circuit which converts 12 V to 5V for the Teensy 3.6 board. The expansion slot provides an I2S an a I2C slot from the Teensy 3.6. All pins from the Teensy are available over pin headers to connect other peripherie like display, buttons etc..

realHDaudio-Teensy-Breakout (top view)

Pcbs are ordered, waiting now…

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