Lets do some audio stuff!

02.05.2022 – Update for HMIP-PV-RC8!

New Software available: There is an additional software version (2.0) which can reconnect to the wifi when signal is lost, There is also a status read back from HMIP-MOD-RC8 to check for acknowledgement after sending data and a resending function in the case of an error. At least there is reduced pulse length for HMIP-MOD-RC8 to reduce the danger of max. duty cycle error.

PCB layout V3.0: If you are using the previous pcb layout V3.0 of HMIP-PV-RC8, there is a mistake at the HMIP-MOD-RC8 Pin 1. You can still use the board layout V3.0 but you have to remove pin No. 1 of the HMIP-MOD-RC8! Otherwise the HMIP-MOD-RC8 will be hold in reset, because TA0 is grounded! There is a new pcb V3.1 availlable. It is also recommended to change all resistors (R1, R2, R3) to at least 300-600 Ohm to prevent an overheating µC.